Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jobs for Ex Teachers



There are many jobs for ex teachers out there. Considering your teaching work experience alone, that is an enough weight for you to land a job. Much more with the advent of technology and Internet today, finding one is actually a breeze.

If you happen to have already resigned from teaching and are in need of a new line of work, there are countless possibilities for you. This can also be a start of a home based career for you. Many have been starting in this field and are now making waves in cyberspace. This is very convenient and profitable at the same time. Thus, if you need a job as soon as possible, here are several home based jobs for ex teachers.

Job #1: Teacher. Teaching has now been migrated to the Internet. There are sites that cater to teachers who would want to teach online. Since you already have a teaching background, this can be a really good asset and place for you to start. There are countless legitimate teaching sites that hire teachers every now and then. Their student market is worldwide. Thus if you are hired you can simply record your lecture through a webcam and a microphone and simply upload it after.

Job #2: Writer. Since many web sites have been sprouting today, there is also a great demand to write content for them. Thus being an online writer is a new emerging job platform. You can seek job offering sites and start the look from there. If you are confident with your writing skills and are very good with it, this is a suitable job for you. Some offer a really nice compensation with few or little hours needed.

Job #3: Assistants. With mobile people here and there, they need to have online assistants as well. This can be a good job opportunity for you. Mainly you will act as a virtual secretary, setting up appointments and the like. But this is more convenient since you will only need to do your tasks at home. Some encoding jobs might be present and a few boss meetings will be necessary. Thus, if you are thinking of a new career away from teaching, this can be a very good escape.

To date, online jobs have been swarming all over the Internet. Just double check that the ones you are applying for are existing and legitimate. Thus, you need not fear if you don’t have a job after quitting teaching. After all home based jobs for ex teachers are just a click away.

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