Thursday, March 1, 2012

Avoiding Teacher Burnout: The Long Term Solution




Avoiding teacher burnout is perhaps one time that many mentors are looking and searching for. It is apparent that the school as a working environment is really stressful and tedious. If we are to look closely at what a teacher does, you will be surprise with the many tasks they need to attend to every single day.


With such an environment and never ending list of activities, burnout normally occurs. This can be really bad for the mentors since stress affects major aspects of the system like emotional and physical. Good thing there are existing long term solutions to battle burnout. In case you are currently experiencing this take a look at some of the effective solutions that you might apply.


Solution 1: Seek help from professionals. One good long term solution with regards to teacher burnout would be to seek aid from professionals. These commonly are psychologists that can provide therapy and quick medicines to somehow ease your system when you are under stress. Much more, they can also provide one on one coaching on how you can address anxiety given a certain situation and how to effectively battle it. They must be your first resort since they are expert in personal care and they can cater their therapies in accordance to your stress level and needs.


Solution 2: Change your lifestyle. Another contributing factor that can amplify stress is actually your unhealthy lifestyle. If you are fond of eating junk foods and irregular sleep, you will have a greater tendency to experience stress. Hence, better align your lifestyle in respect to a healthier one. Learn to eat foods that can help your system from the inside. Take enough rest and never to exhaust and even abuse your body with all the tasks you currently have. In addition, it might pave the way of a healthier you.


Solution 3: Quit the profession. This is perhaps the last solution you might want to consider. If you happen to be experiencing teacher burnout and can’t seem to find a long term solution or perhaps it’s not working for you, the best resort would be to quit the profession. Maybe in a way or two the work is one big contributing factor to the stress you are experiencing. Hence, better evaluate if the job really is the source of anxiety and it might be healthy on your end to stop pursuing such.


These are just applicable long term solutions in avoiding teacher burnout. Do note that in order to make these works you really have the dedication and the determination to pursue such. Since these are quite a lengthy procedure to effectively battle stress, learn how to compromise in the process. 








Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jobs for Ex Teachers



There are many jobs for ex teachers out there. Considering your teaching work experience alone, that is an enough weight for you to land a job. Much more with the advent of technology and Internet today, finding one is actually a breeze.

If you happen to have already resigned from teaching and are in need of a new line of work, there are countless possibilities for you. This can also be a start of a home based career for you. Many have been starting in this field and are now making waves in cyberspace. This is very convenient and profitable at the same time. Thus, if you need a job as soon as possible, here are several home based jobs for ex teachers.

Job #1: Teacher. Teaching has now been migrated to the Internet. There are sites that cater to teachers who would want to teach online. Since you already have a teaching background, this can be a really good asset and place for you to start. There are countless legitimate teaching sites that hire teachers every now and then. Their student market is worldwide. Thus if you are hired you can simply record your lecture through a webcam and a microphone and simply upload it after.

Job #2: Writer. Since many web sites have been sprouting today, there is also a great demand to write content for them. Thus being an online writer is a new emerging job platform. You can seek job offering sites and start the look from there. If you are confident with your writing skills and are very good with it, this is a suitable job for you. Some offer a really nice compensation with few or little hours needed.

Job #3: Assistants. With mobile people here and there, they need to have online assistants as well. This can be a good job opportunity for you. Mainly you will act as a virtual secretary, setting up appointments and the like. But this is more convenient since you will only need to do your tasks at home. Some encoding jobs might be present and a few boss meetings will be necessary. Thus, if you are thinking of a new career away from teaching, this can be a very good escape.

To date, online jobs have been swarming all over the Internet. Just double check that the ones you are applying for are existing and legitimate. Thus, you need not fear if you don’t have a job after quitting teaching. After all home based jobs for ex teachers are just a click away.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Classroom Management Problems

As an instructor, classroom management problems are inevitable. It is like a spider’s web that ensnares any mentors when they least expect the circumstance. Moreover, it can still lead us down under if we do not take any precautionary measures. Without immediate action, it can slowly devour any teacher both personally and all the more professionally. 

Struggling against the problems of classroom management is now made effortless. As a teacher, you need to know which method works on a specific class and which one doesn’t. A very important step towards an effective practice is to keep students participative in class. With their interest during your discussions, you cannot only get their ears but also their trust and respect. 

However, what you need to prioritize is how to grasp the interest of your students for an hour or long hours of lecturing. We know that the level of attention of any student in a course is limited. To keep their ears and eyes fixed on you to retain much of your discussion, participation is the key. Here are the lists of strategies you can integrate into your talks to reduce classroom management problems. 

Strategy # 1: Oral Participation. It is a strategy where you can ask your questions to the students based from your daily discussions. With all their responses depending on the content of it, you can add quiz points. This strategy allows the student’s active participation and will give them also the willingness to listen to your discussions. More than that, you can make this even a quiz for everyone, so they would be required to answer your questions with the correct synthesis. To add a little touch of logic, you can give open-ended questions to help them evaluate and analyze your discussion and contribute their personal views. 

Strategy # 2: Individual or group reporting. You can allot five to ten minutes of reporting for your students before or after classes. Your student can discuss a mere synthesis of today’s lecture or a short recap from the previous meeting discussion. Not only are they required to listen carefully to your lectures, but also to consolidate the whole topic with the allotted time you had mentioned. To add to their enthusiasm, you can also give points to students basing on how effective their reports and how consolidated it is. 

Strategy # 3: Student questioning. While this may not be widely adapted by most teachers, sometimes it is better to ask students for their concerns. Their questions may range from a simple gradient of the lesson or an area of the lecture that was not well understood. This is also a good exercise if you want your students to think outside the box. Allow them to ask questions that will connect directly to your lectures and linking them to real world scenarios. After generating such questions, you can even let a student to answer. This way, you do not touch only the depth of their thoughts, but how they relate your discussion to a given scenario. 

These strategies, if well placed can cultivate active participation of students. With their interest in your class, they will entrust their knowledge and their respect. With such comes discipline. And discipline is actually the basic solution to minimize classroom management problems.


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Career for Ex Teachers

Finding a career for ex teachers can be relatively easy. The only challenge there is how to be the right man for the job. After all, it's not just you who will apply for such work. There are still many aspiring applicants out there who would love to have it. The competition is still tough, but given the right amount of implementation guidance, it can certainly boost you out. 

One thing you can accomplish to get closer to your goal of having a job is to create your application letter. This is an important letter that can make or break your chance. Moreover, this will highlight your interests regarding the work posted. However, to become acceptable, there are things you should include in your application letter. Here are some things that should not be missed. 

Item 1: Where the job ad was posted. It is important to indicate in your letter of application where you saw the job advertisement. Here you can specify the domain or site that leads you to them. On your side, it might be unnecessary, but for employers it is. This helps identify the best way to display job advertisements. In addition, it can also help them in their future job announcements.

Item 2: Your basic information. Even if you include your resume along with your application letter, it is also important to sort it and give some personal information like your name, contact information and skills that may be applicable to the job you are currently applying. You must remember to choose the elements that are extremely important for their reference. Of course, you must also indicate in the letter that you also have your CV in cases where they would want to know more about you.

Item 3: Your willingness to work. Another important point that must be seen and read is your interest to have the job. Employers reading must be able to identify that in addition to thinking that you are the right candidate for the position, they must also feel that you are really interested in having it. Thus, it is important to coin your words and show that you want to work with them and it would be a great opportunity to be a part of their great team.

These are the key items that must be presented and wrote in your application letter. As shown this can indeed mean a job for you or not. So, better start preparing and drafting one in order for you to have a career for ex teachers.

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Career Change for Teachers

Maybe as an educator you have some thoughts of a possible career change for teachers. And there are many factors that can contribute to the inception of that idea. For instance, the current salary of teachers is not sufficient to support a family and maintain a lifestyle they would want. Secondly, prices of primary commodities are increasing at a rapid pace, while wages are in constantly idle.

If you are a teacher, and is experiencing this sad reality, a career change for teachers is recommended. But, doing such a thing is indeed a very big adjustment and a big thought that must be think long enough. It is an important decision to start with and worst you can’t easily go back to teaching if you already resigned from it. Therefore, for you to create a successful career path away from education here are some worthy tips that can help. 

Tip # 1: Self assurance. The first thing you should look before you even think to search for another job is to think hard over and over again. You should be able to weigh the odds so you can identify the most suitable profession that will work for you. As far as possible, you should be sure about this decision because this is so great and life changing in general. Another thing to consider is to look for a job where your heart is or a place that can make you happy, fulfilled and satisfied.

Tip # 2: Assess what you love. Since you will be changing in a new direction in terms of your career path, then perhaps this time decide on one work that will make you feel happy. In fact it is preferable to choose a job or to land into one where you know you love what you are doing. Compare the jobs that are available and applicable to you and assess if this is something that will make you happy and fulfilled at the end of the day. From there, rest assured that regardless of the tasks at hand you will not feel tired and for sure you will stay long enough with that kind of job.

Tip # 3: Research of different career options. After assuring that you are ready to go and embark away from education, it’s high time to research things. Here, it is necessary to identify which company can offer you that kind of job. You can search or browse the Internet or perhaps get a recommendation from someone you know. Then make sure you've done your part in determining also other aspects like salary, location and application procedure.

These tips are just the basics that can really help you in one way or another in your search for a new career successfully. The important thing here is not to make such hasty decisions simply because you want it to. As far as possible, give yourself time to think and contemplate things. After all, any possible career change for teachers is important for you are not the only ones who will be affected by such.

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Can Teachers Be Fired

Mentors in reality can indeed be terminated as to the concern can teachers be fired. Almost all professionals even the ones belonging to the pool of top management can still be terminated. This assurance of having your job for a life is impossible. Thus any employee whether or not a teacher must always be ready when this time might come. 

When fired, you might feel like the earth is against us. We have the feeling of incompetence and unproductive. This can cause emotional distress and despair. Some may become emotionally unstable and much more can’t move forward. So here are some tips on how to make the best out of the situation. They are extremely useful for you so you can still be able to help yourself.

Tip 1: Think positive. When you are fired, the least anyone can do is to think there is still something out there for you. Although there is nothing good in the situation, you can always find probable options and opportunities for work. Psychologists have even suggested to not stick with the past but instead to move on. Even if you are fired, say to yourself that something good will come which is even greater. In addition inculcate the idea that a better opportunity is waiting for you.

Tip 2: Make a plan. The next thing you can do once you had been terminated is not to worry over a lost job. Instead find one immediately. Thus, a plan is necessary for you to direct your actions as to what must be done. It will also be your guide so you can assess where your career is going. If you want a better paying job, you can start searching or perhaps pursue more training that can serve as your leverage.

Tip 3: Devote yourself. The disadvantage of a teacher who has been fired is that they think they are truly one incapable and incompetent person. This can really ruin their confidence thus finding another job can truly be painful and hurtful. So, often when they seek employment, they are thinking already negatively. Thus when they assume a new job, they will be fired again. That is why it is important to truly reevaluate yourself if there was indeed something wrong with your previous employer. You can then use these facts to improve yourself better or not to make the mistake again. This in turn can definitely improve your work ethics and you as a person as well.

These are just three recommendations any mentor can apply after being fired. If it is applied and induced properly, one can open to more wonderful opportunities. If we look at the different angles, can teachers be fired can indeed happen provided with all the right reasons and basis.

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Business for Teachers

Having a business for teachers is a thing that educators would really want to own. Because of how low their wages are educators seek something that can definitely uplift their current financial standing. Establishing a new business is an excellent solution and is way even better than having another job that requires more hours of work. As an additional bonus, if your enterprise will hit the revenues are great. 

With every business comes that innate wish to make it grow and flourish and a probable business for teachers is also included. Whenever possible, work hard to make things right, especially if you don’t have even an inch of idea. Fortunately, with other disciplines and practices, there are skills that teachers already have that may actually be beneficial in creating a successful business. 

Skill 1. Management. Each teacher has a thorough knowledge of management. As such, by default, they are very good reasons for this jurisdiction. First, they assume the role of managers in classrooms. They supervise and monitor students with their lesson plans for the entire year or semester. In addition, they lead the students on what should they learn. This is something to be exercised in business. So if you do intend to create one, you need to handle different things at the same time. But this point it will no longer be students but money, resources and people. If in class you are confident that you are very good in this field, then you only need a little tinkering to apply it into businesses. 

Skill 2. People skills. Teachers are always faced with new and diverse sets of people every semester or year. And what is amazing is how they are able to captivate the students and motivate them to listen and give that respect. This is also applicable in the realm of business. It is particularly important because you need this to gain people's trust - not just your possible customers, but also your employees. The most important factor in any project is labor. Thus to ensure a successful enterprise in the future, you need to do something for you that clients entrust their money. This in turn can generate your own pool of loyal consumers. 

Skill 3. Teaching. Teachers work at school to teach and educate. That's what their job is all about. In business, the power of education is also necessary to make the company successful. Perhaps you might wonder as to why. When we have a business, it is something new, whether a product or a service. In order for others to know that you have something like that, it is better to orient and educate them with such. You must insist on the need for your product or service so they will see the thought of having it. So basically it is like teaching all over again. More importantly you also need to train your employees. 

These are some skill sets that are deemed necessary when you decide to start a business. As a teacher, you do not really learn completely something new but only improve on some existing skills of yours. These are the things that are common both in academic and business world. Then start brainstorming on a probable business for teachers.


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